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Early Stage Chronic Renal Failure - 973 Words

Signs symptoms ESCRF is often considered an asymptomatic condition with a reduction of up to 70% in kidney function symptoms may still not be present (5). Insert Fatigue etc here in bullet points Associated conditions Commonly associative conditions of ESCRF were obesity, glomerular disease (glomerulonephritis), heart disease, hypertension, heart failure, cerebrovascular accidents, urinary tract infections, urinary and kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease, anaemia, oedema, delirium, streptococcal infections and, incontinence (Reference). Course/prognosis Early Stage Chronic Renal Failure (ESCRF) is defined as stages 1-3 of renal failure determined by the Glomerular Filtration rate (GFR) a formula incorporating Age, Gender, and Creatinine levels in the blood to determine how much waste product is being filtered every minute. A GFR of 30 to 99 mL/min is considered (ESCRF), GFR 30mL/min is considered End Stage Renal Failure with less than 30% functioning kidney, dialysis or transplant is essential for survival. A client can move through different Early stages, however progression usually progresses to more severe end stage, once GFR is 30mL/min damage cannot be reversed. Appropriate Intervention and reducing risk factors can prolong progression by months and up to years. ESCRF isn’t usually fatal diseases which shares common risk factors (diabetes and CVD) usually prove fatal, in Australia cause of death is often recorded as CVD and ESCRF is listed as an associatedShow MoreRelatedEssay on Acute Renal Failure 1307 Words   |   6 PagesAcute Renal Failure is when the kidneys abruptly stop functioning by excreting wastes of the body. Abnormal functions that can cause acute renal failure are that the body cannot regulate acid-base balance of bodily fluids, regulation of one’s blood pressure which affects waste products not being filtered from the body, and irregularities of red blood cell production. There are many factors that can cause a person’s kidneys to stop working properly. A prerenal cause is something that occurs inRead MoreWhat is Renal Failure? Essay619 Words   |  3 PagesTo understand what renal failure is, it is important to know how the kidneys work and what the main functions are. The body has two kidneys on either side of the spine and the kidneys work to remove toxic waste and excess water by producing urine. The kidneys also help with controlling blood pressure and produce erythropoietin as well as aiding in keeping bones strong by producing calcetrol hormones. When the kidneys are unable to perform these functions it causes the kidneys to fail. There are differentRead MoreEssay about Taking a Closer Look at Renal Failure1482 Words   |  6 Pages Renal Failure is a common condition that could also be described as Acute renal failure (ARF) or Chronic renal failure(CRF), both conditions occur when there is a loss of kidney function. Kidney disease or renal failure is the ninth leading cause of death in the United States (Pradeep ,2014). Specifically, acute renal failure is characterized by the kidney’s sudden inability to filter blood, excrete wastes, concentrate urine, preserve electrolytes, and sustain fluid balance which leads to manyRead MoreHow Does Chronic Kidney Disease Affect the Level of Organization?1747 Words   |  7 Pagesrecovered. The urine we excrete has been stored in the bladder for anywhere from 1 to 8 hours. * CHRONIC KIDNEY DISEASE (CKD) Chronic kidney disease is defined as having some type of kidney abnormality, or marker, such as protein in the urine and having decreased kidney function for three months or longer. Chronic kidney disease is the slow loss of kidney function over time. In the early stages, there may be no symptoms. The loss of function usually takes months or years to occur. It may be soRead MoreAcute Renal Failure656 Words   |  3 Pagesout of the body. If this system falters either before, within, or after filtration, a potential demise may result as with Acute Renal Failure. Although the signs and symptoms may be obscure or indistinguishable, there are exams that are successfully used to diagnose, and subsequently treat the disease (How Kidneys Work, 2014). There are three categories of renal failure, organized according to wherein the journey of filtration the problem lies. Prerenal occurs with a problem preceding the kidneysRead MoreChronic Kidney Disease : Diagnosis, Treatment, And Lifestyle1147 Words   |  5 PagesChronic Kidney Disease: Diagnosis, Treatment, and Lifestyle Recommendations Janelle Giggey Nur6531 Walden University August 2, 2015 Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition characterized by a gradual loss of kidney function over time (, 2015). Renal failure is a complex and challenging health issue that demands the involvement of both specialists and primary care providers (Buttaro, Trybulski, Polgar, Bailey, Sandberg-Cook, 2013). In this paper I will discuss what chronicRead MoreChronic Kidney Failure Of The United State994 Words   |  4 Pages The most common cause of kidney failure in the United State is Diabetes. According to â€Å"the U.S. renal data system the top five causes of renal failure are diabetes, hypertension, glomerulonephritis, cystic diseases and Urologic diseases†. Unfortunately, people can have renal disease for a long period of time before detecting or notice any symptom leading to a potentially life treating. Kidneys are equipped with millions of nephrons that continually filtering out and removes waste products suchRead MoreNutritional Requirements Of Adults Before Transplantation Essay1410 Words   |  6 Pagesimportant pre-operatively to determine if the patient is an appropriate candidate, and post-operatively to determine a plan of care. The conditions examined include end-stage liver disease, end-stage renal failure, end-stage heart failure, end-stage pulmonary failure, and irreversible intestinal failure. The article focuses on early assessment of the nutritional status of patients with goals including replenishing malnourished patients, maintaining the muscle and energy of patients with adequate muscleRead MoreAcute Renal Failures1403 Words   |  6 PagesAcute Renal Failure The kidneys are vitals organs that are responsible for various function in the human body such as reabsorption, secretion and excretion. They are the filters that enable us to get waste materials that are produced by metabolism or ingested. The most important element that they filter is blood plasma. The kidneys simultaneously eliminate unwanted substances by excreting them into the urine and return substances that are needed back in to the blood. While filtration is the primaryRead MoreThe Causes and Treatments of Acute Renal Failure1025 Words   |  4 Pagesan estimated $10 billion in excess costs to the healthcare system.† Acute Renal failure is the inability of your kidneys to work properly. Your kidneys lose the ability to remove waste, filter and balance fluid and electrolytes. This type of renal failure happens most often when there is an injury or trauma and blood flow to kidneys is severely compromised. A person can return back to normal after having acute renal fail ure, that is if you detect the problem and treat it on time. There are three causes

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Questions On The Holocaust - 1837 Words

Julia Powell Rough Draft- Essay 2 ENG109H Six-Ish Components of Essay: 1.) Overview Thesis: Holocaust as a gate-way for larger evil in present and future. In a world plagued with evil, we as man witness incidences of degeneracy on a daily basis. Whether it be road rage in response to scanty driving, acts of aggression spurred by those who have felt wronged, or the theft of lavish items; inimical acts have become all-too-ordinary in society. In American culture, the broadcasting of such acts has become commonplace through televised news and newsprint. Their mark on our hearts is minute- only to be replaced by another crime committed the following week. Luckily for man, acts of evil so heinous and vile, that they are remembered by the world for centuries, are virtually notional. The Holocaust is a rare exception of this statement- this atrocious act of evil paves the way for us to understand the innate evil of man presented in our past, present, and future; the constant will of man to hold and maintain power over others. Before the conclusion of their elementary education, a large majority children around the world are well aware of what this the Holocaust entailed. But due to surprising promotion of holocaust denial in many Middle Eastern countries, such as Syria and Iran, I will shed some insight on the matter. The Holocaust was a genocide of circa six-million Jews, as well as five-million others, organized and executed by members of the Nazi regime. Spanning theirShow MoreRelatedThe Holocaust: A Morbid Atrocity that Made People Question Humanity1338 Words   |  5 PagesThe Holocaust, a morbid atrocity that made people question humanity, was the cause of millions of deaths. One of those victims of this brutality was Anne Frank, a young Jewish girl who hid from the Nazis along with her family. Although she was merely ordinary, Anne Frank kept a diary which became a significant, historical artifact in the modern world as it details her account of concealing her identity from the outside world. Her story, told in an innocent perspective, allows individuals to reflectRead MoreHolocaust And The Moving Image912 Words   |  4 PagesHolocaust and the Moving Image: representations in film and television since 1933, is a collection of essays that grew out of the 2001, Holocaust, Genocide, and the Moving Image: Film and Television Representations Since 1933 symposium held at the Imperial War Museum in London. The conference, was designed to address the historic, social, educational, and psychological relationships bound to the experiences of the Holocaust and film, while reaching forward to actualize the knowledge and expertiseRead MoreTargeting Jews for Genocide Essay903 Words   |  4 PagesTargeting Jews for Genocide When discussing The Holocaust, our minds tend to jump straight to the genocide of the Jewish populations of Europe. This is because of the approximate 11 million people killed during The Holocaust; roughly 6 million of them were Jews. Many people are now left to wonder why Hitler and the Nazi Party specifically targeted the Jews for genocide. The main reason was because the Nazi Party took the idea of nationalism to an extreme, new level. Hitler also thought the JewsRead MoreThe Holocaust971 Words   |  4 Pagesof the Holocaust The Holocaust was one of the most horrible and dreaded events in history. Millions of Jews were killed, leaving many families devastated and hopeless. With the goal of racial purity, Adolf Hitler- along with many other Germans believed the Jews caused the defeat of their country, and led the Nazis to the elimination of Jews. For this reason, â€Å"Even in the early 21st century, the legacy of the Holocaust endures†¦as many as 12,000 Jews were killed every day† (The Holocaust). LaterRead MoreHow The Holocaust : The Idea Of Man946 Words   |  4 Pagessome would argue, the easy task of examining how the Holocaust destructed the idea of man. I say that some would call this job easy because one could simply compare and contrast a man before the Holocaust and after the Holocaust and say that these differences are how the Holocaust disassembled the idea of man. However, simply comparing and contrasting someone before and after the Holocaust does not account for what happened during the holocaust that would destroy them, Which means that I must diveRead MoreHolocaust And The Moving Image Moves Through The Five Areas Of Its Concentration981 Words   |  4 PagesTo answer the questions formulated through the symposium, Holocaust and the Moving Image moves through the five areas of its concentration, with the first section devoted to Film as Witness. This section uses a number of still photographs taken from personal and archival films created by the liberators of the Nazi camps to demonstrate how these films were acquired. Of interest is the idea that the liberating soldiers initially charged with simple document(ary) filming soon learned to develop andRead MoreGod and Evil: Can They Co-exist? Essay854 Words   |  4 PagesDuring the Holocaust, the Nazi’s murdered an estimated 6 million Jews, which was about two thirds of the entire European Jewish population. To put this in perspective, the amount of Jews that were murdered during the Holocaust i s about the same size as the population of Denmark. The Holocaust is a part of Jewish history that can never be forgotten, and the Jews who fell subject to this inhuman act will never be forgotten either. The Holocaust has changed Jewish culture forever, and has become theRead MoreBlack Newspapers And The Holocaust1608 Words   |  7 PagesAfter researching newspaper articles covering the events of Kristallnacht, one question lingered: How did black newspapers continue to cover the Holocaust? After finding limited articles pertaining to the events of Kristallnacht, I was curious to see if more coverage would be dedicated to the events that came after. I specifically wanted to look into African American newspapers of the day in order to see how the African American community reacted to the atrocities. During this time period manyRead MoreThe Jewish cemetery in Victoria, British Columbia1220 Words   |  5 Pagesindividuals who did not survive the Holocaust. The cemetery coordi nator shared that this creates an opportunity for individuals to grieve the lost ones they never got to see again. Research Questions The research questions focused on the relationships between collective grievance and burial practices, which was observed in monuments and their inscriptions. This explored how communities, specifically the Jewish community, grieved survivors of the Holocaust. Further analysis, examined how bereavementRead MoreThe Holocaust : A Secret Plan1445 Words   |  6 Pagescommonly vial situation. The Holocaust, a term referred to the explanation of the alleged massacre of six million Jewish people, is often labeled as a conspiracy. Those who tag the 1900’s Holocaust as a hoax are frequently known as ‘Holocaust Deniers. Debating Holocaust denial includes arguments such as holocaust documented facts, practice of things such as gas chambers, falsely proclaimed amount of Jews essentially murdered, and illegalization of holocaust denial. The holocaust took place in Germany

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Article Review the Religious Sources of Islamic Terrorism Free Essays

1. The article â€Å"The Religious Sources of Islamic Terrorism† by Shmuel Bar takes an in-depth look into the potential justifications of terrorism in regards to religion. In this article, Bar attempts to identify the differences between the religion of Islam and the duties associated with being a Muslim including participating in jihad. We will write a custom essay sample on Article Review: the Religious Sources of Islamic Terrorism or any similar topic only for you Order Now The author explains the various differences between the ideas of both the traditional Muslim as well as the moderate Muslim. He goes on to identify jihadist-type acts that could potentially be changed if the right movement and implementation of rules were set. The key points and concepts in this article are: †¢ the explanation of the Islamic religion; †¢ the jihadist movement; †¢ the traditional versus the moderate Muslim; †¢ the potential strategy to deal with radical ideology. 2. The Islam religion is not one that has blatant disregard for the value of human life. It is regarded as a peaceful religion and should not be misconstrued as being a religion that promotes terrorism. Unfortunately, there have been numerous acts of violence and terrorism in the name of Islam and a surface-educated individual will blame the entire religion. Many individuals’ lack of knowledge lead them down a path of generalization and intolerance for the religion itself. The author of this article does a good job explaining that it is not the religion that commits these acts of terror; it is the individual’s interpretation of the writings that radicalize its teachings. 3. The jihadist movement is where much of the violent aspect of the religion can be derived from. The belief is that it is their personal duty within their religion to fight for their faith. This may be non-violent such as an internal struggle with one’s spiritual life. A more physical aspect is displayed in other forms such as the obligation to spread the religion or a more violent approach, fighting to defend a once Muslim country from invasion of infidels. The act of jihad in a violent manner typically is displayed by the radical Islamists whom are more focused on the traditional and literal meanings of the scripture; hence there exists a conflict between them and the moderates. 4. The ideas of the traditionalist versus the moderate Muslim are conflicting in how they interpret various teachings of their scripture. Participation in jihad may be considered an obligation due to the occupying of so many countries by non-Muslims; however, the idea that it must be fought with acts of terror remains debated. The traditionalists will take a more literal interpretation resulting in acts of violence and terror; even though this initiative tends to have more political motives rather than religious. The moderate Muslim struggles with the possibility that their less orthodox beliefs will appear as though they are abandoning their religion. Due to the fact that the traditionalist is more likely to resort to violence, there is also a fear of retaliation against the moderate Muslim. Unfortunately, with that mentality, the radical Islamists prevail. 5. A long-term strategy has to include ideas and not necessarily weapons and a bunch of rules. The author explains that the solution is a lot deeper than the acts they are committing on the surface. Creating a strategy to potentially combat a radical, religious ideology seems as though it would be impossible. A long-range strategy that outlines the teachings of their religion and focuses on how terrorism is actually against their scripture could succeed. The author acknowledges the idea that Western civilization must take a look within and realize that there are more ways than just their way. This realization, and possibly tolerance, could allow for an interpretation that both societies could deal with. 6. The author of this article, Dr. Shmuel Bar, has notable credibility in this subject matter. According to his biography on The Intelligence Summit website, Dr. Bar is the Director of Studies at the Institute of Policy and Strategy in Herzliya, Israel. He has also held various intelligence positions within the Israeli government and headed various research projects including some for the United States government, according to the Hudson Institute. His academic, professional, and personal expertise lends him to be a reliable source of information. The only question that may be proposed is, what is his religious affiliation? With the extent of his background and knowledge, this may seem like a moot point; however, religion relies on very little logic. Faith is based on how one feels, not just what one has researched or has seen. It is a powerful driving force that is almost impossible to describe. The idea that persuasion could be achieved without truly knowing this driving force is naivety in itself. How to cite Article Review: the Religious Sources of Islamic Terrorism, Essay examples

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Odysseus Character Essays - Odyssey, Ancient Greek Religion

Odysseus Character The Odyssey is an epic poem, which revolves around Odysseus and his journey home from the war at Troy. Throughout his travels he is met with many obstacles and adventures. There are times when he thinks he will never make it home. But through perseverance, faith, maturation and heroics, he manages to survive and reach his homeland of Ithaca as a changed man. In The Odyssey, Odysseus, the main character must journey from Troy to his homeland of Ithaca. Throughout this journey he learns many lessons, faces obstacles testing his physical and mental strength and grows from an arrogant, self-centered hero into a humble, respectful survivor. With the help of the Gods he is finally able to return to Ithaca as an honorable man. In Book VI of the Odyssey, Odysseus wakes on the shore of Phaecia. The Goddess Athena has sent the beautiful Nausicaa a dream instructing her to wash clothes in preparation for an upcoming marriage. Athena makes Nausicaa brave and Odysseus handsome bringing them together in order to assist Odysseus to the house of the king. In this particular book the Gods assist Odysseus and he manages to come closer to getting home. Athena helps him out over and over again in Book VI. Everything seems to be done to help Odysseus and so he is lucky to have the Gods behind him. "but the grey-eyed Goddess Athena made her tarry, so Odysseus might behold her beauty and win her guidance to the town" (175). Here Odysseus is actually being led where he needs to go by Athena indirectly. All the places with lush greenery and the resting-place of Odysseus has even been made by Athena. "The sun was going down when they went by Athena's grove" (181). The manipulation by the Gods appears to lead t a common goal, the survival of Odysseus and the assistance of getting him home. The gods may not be able to stop fate but they help Odysseus learn to use their guidance to his advantage for his survival. In Book VIII, King Alkinoos calls an assembly asking the Phaeacians to help Odysseus. During this meeting there is competition to entertain Odysseus. After being insulted by one of the Phaeacians, ""The reason being, as I see it, friend, you never learned a sport, and have no skill in any of the contests of fighting men" (185). With that, Odysseus throws a discus farther than anyone ever has. "Anyone else for an edge for competition try me now" (186) This proves Odysseus has a problem with his pride. Although this pride does help him throughout his journey, he uses it here as a vice to show others his greatness. His arrogance really shows through here. By insulting his abilities, Phaeacians insulted his manhood and he defended it to the highest degree. In Book IX, Odysseus encounters the Kyklops and uses his cunningness and bravery to escape. Here we see a new side of Odysseus. First he vividly narrates his love for his home in this book. "I shall not see on earth a place more dear" (198). "Where shall a man find sweetness to surpass his own home and his parents (198)? Odysseus seems able to survive by using all his energy to find his way home. He uses this energy in his plot to get away from the Kyklops. His plan is both brave and ingenious. He tells the Kyklops his name is Nohbdy. Then after being blinded, Odysseus and his men are able to escape. The Kyklops yells to his friends, "Nohbdy, Nohbdy tricked me, Nohbdy's ruined me" (207)! With this, he gets no help and Odysseus is free. However again his pride gets the best of him for as they are escaping he yells, "If ever a mortal man inquire how you were put to shame and blinded, tell them Odysseus, raider of cities, took your eye" (210). This again proves to hurt Odysseus and makes his journey more difficult. His foolishness proves to be a thorn in his side throughout The Odyssey. By revealing his name he sets himself up for the angry God Poseidon. In Book X, foolishness again causes Odysseus trouble. As his Odyssey seems almost over and the men are close to Ithaca, a sack of wind given to Odysseus by Aeolus is unleashed. This blows their ship all the way back to where they started. Odysseus then ends up with Kirke, daughter of the Sun. Kirke turns all the crewmates into pigs and lures Odysseus into her bed.

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Free Essays on United States Independence From Britain

After the United States declared its Independence from Britain on July 4, 1776, the long process of building the state began. This era started with the individual state constitutions, which blended the traditions of British and colonial rule with the new, more radical republicanism that infused the nation during the Revolutionary War. State governments established, Americans realized the need for a national government to take on responsibility for diplomatic representation and military control. The first attempt at national government was laid out in the Articles of Confederation. The Articles established a loose federation of states that all essentially acted as individual republics; the balance of power lay heavily in the states favor and the national government was far too weak to perform even its basic duties. During the mid 1780s, the government under the Articles of Confederation proved unable to successfully levy and collect taxes, and unable to carry out the basic requirements of diplomacy. The nation was in danger of breaking apart. After Shays' Rebellion alerted many Americans to the weakness of the current national government, political leaders decided to alter the framework of government under which the United States operated. The Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia and determined that it was in the nation's best interest to create an entirely new framework of government. For nearly four months, the delegates at the convention deliberated on how best to accomplish this rebuilding effort. The Constitution, the result of these proceedings, sets out the tripartite system of government that is still in place in the US today. It created a bicameral legislature consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, an executive branch headed by the president and staffed by the cabinet, and provided for the establishment of a judicial branch, consisting of a federal-court system headed by the Supreme Court. A... Free Essays on United States Independence From Britain Free Essays on United States Independence From Britain After the United States declared its Independence from Britain on July 4, 1776, the long process of building the state began. This era started with the individual state constitutions, which blended the traditions of British and colonial rule with the new, more radical republicanism that infused the nation during the Revolutionary War. State governments established, Americans realized the need for a national government to take on responsibility for diplomatic representation and military control. The first attempt at national government was laid out in the Articles of Confederation. The Articles established a loose federation of states that all essentially acted as individual republics; the balance of power lay heavily in the states favor and the national government was far too weak to perform even its basic duties. During the mid 1780s, the government under the Articles of Confederation proved unable to successfully levy and collect taxes, and unable to carry out the basic requirements of diplomacy. The nation was in danger of breaking apart. After Shays' Rebellion alerted many Americans to the weakness of the current national government, political leaders decided to alter the framework of government under which the United States operated. The Constitutional Convention met in Philadelphia and determined that it was in the nation's best interest to create an entirely new framework of government. For nearly four months, the delegates at the convention deliberated on how best to accomplish this rebuilding effort. The Constitution, the result of these proceedings, sets out the tripartite system of government that is still in place in the US today. It created a bicameral legislature consisting of the House of Representatives and the Senate, an executive branch headed by the president and staffed by the cabinet, and provided for the establishment of a judicial branch, consisting of a federal-court system headed by the Supreme Court. A...

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12 Signs Youre Underselling Your Freelance Writing Services

12 Signs Youre Underselling Your Freelance Writing Services Youre living the dream as a freelance writerexcept its less like a dream and more like a nightmare. Barely scraping by, exhausted, resentful, hating writing even though you used to love it and at one tie thought that this would be the perfect job. What happened? Where did things go wrong? Chances are pretty good that it can be traced back to one simple cause: youre underselling your freelance writing services. Are You Underselling Your Freelance Writing Services? There are 12 signs youre underselling your freelance writing services and you might be surprised at how many you can identify with. If you find one that you know youre guilty of, tweet it and help out your fellow freelance writers. Maybe its time you considered raising your prices. 1. You havent raised your prices in a while. Are you still using those super-competitive 1970s prices? A year or two or five goes by quickly.  Its easy to forget that you need to revisit your pricing and consider upping it to meet current industry levels. You need to make a living in the 21st century, not the 20th. Your prices must reflect that. Of course, maybe you already know this but you hate to inform current clients of price increases because youre afraid to lose them, or dread their response. How do you go about raising prices and setting your minimum acceptable rate? Youll need information. Whats the going rate in your area for what youre doing? How much money do you need to live? What are your business expenses? How much work do you currently have? Is more available? Knowing your clients, how many do you think will go away after a price raise? How many will stay? Once you know the facts (with #4 being an educated guess), uniformly raise your prices to be competitive and contact all of your clients. Be careful about giving one client a deal and not another; word gets around. Consider this strange thought: sometimes higher prices bring you into a new bracket of clients and can actually open doors for you that your lower prices would not. Mistake 1: You havent raised your prices in the past two years. 2. You are overloaded and overwhelmed with work. Youre working more than you ever did andmaking less. You could write a magazine article for $500 or you could write 25 blog posts for $20. While the magazine article will take hard work, it is one project, one client, one deadline, and one (if you want to think of it this way) headache. 25 blog posts means 25 deadlines, 25 clients, and a lot more management time as well as topics you need to write about. Its your choice: take every little low-priced piece of work that comes your way, or draw a line in the sand as a standard that you wont go below and stick by it. And that line? It has to be a livable line, i.e. enough money to live off of with a reasonable amount of time left for enjoying life. Mistake 2: Youre working more, but earning less. 3. Your clients dont even attempt to negotiate. Were not saying you should pick prices that are high enough to make your clients stop breathing when you announce them, but if you notice that your prices dont even make them pause and try to negotiate, maybe youre aiming too low. Negotiation isnt a sign that someone thinks youre trying to rip them off and that they need to get your pricing back in line. Instead, its a sign that they actually want your product, and are willing to do a little work to see if they cant get it on their terms. Negotiation is sometimes the sign of someone sticking around, not someone leaving. Dont set prices low so as to avoid negotiation. Set them higher to be in a better position for it. Mistake 3: Your clients dont attempt to negotiate. 4. Youre satisfied with less money and think exposure will pay the bills. Well sure, money sounds great. But if you lower the bar so that we can only pay you $10 dollars for your magazine article but youll get exposure doesnt raise alarm bells, you arent going to be freelancing for long. Youll be working a regular job and writing on the side. Small (or no) payment writing is often tagged with the promise of exposure. What is the price on that? Can you put exposure in your savings account? Evaluate just how valuable exposure is, and if the exposure a client promises can actually benefit you. Freelance writing will cover many topics. Many of the things youll write about will be wholly unrelated to each other, and to you as a writer. Exposure in that genre doesnt mean much. The clients audience probably doesnt care about you.  Is the audience of this client interested in finding a freelance writer, or are they interested in the topic? If its the latter, they dont care who you are and what you do, and never will. They are the clients fans, not your fans. Dont forget youre the hired pen. The client needs your output, not you personally. Letting their audience know about your output is a nice ego boost, but it wont bring much back to you. That sounds harsh, but when you are earning your living, you dont have time for ego boosts. Rethink how you think about money. Understand the difference between a pittance and a paycheck. Mistake 4: Youll take less money and bank on exposure to pay the bills. Your time has value. Stop giving it away for free. 5. You have yet to equate time with money. Time = money. You have limited time. You determine what that time is worth. If you dont understand this, youll never appreciate how those low-priced freelance projects are actually a loss, and not real income. Youll only make a success out of taking low-paying jobs if you never sleep and have discovered a 30-hour day. For the rest of us, we must look at projects not only in terms of the money, but the time it is going to take us to earn that money and if it is worth it. How much time do you need for your family? How much time do you need for yourself to recharge? How much time do you have available if youre working a part-time job? Its all an equation, and youd better do the calculations because your time is definitely limited. Itd be a shame to trade an hour for $15 when someone else would have given you $50. If you dont understand that time equals money, youll get to know sleep-deprived exhaustion well, and mistake it for earning a living. Mistake 5: You dont equate time with money. 6. You dont think youre an expert. Ever thought anything like this? Im not good enough to write about that. I dont know enough. That other writer probably knows more than I do. No one would care what I had to say. You think youre a fraud. In some ways, expertise is a form of confidence, not knowledge. It is always just beyond our reach, and that means we operate one step out of our comfort zone and have to gather the courage and confidence to project a landing on the other side. Maybe you cant write detailed magazine articles about brain surgery, but you can grab at those topics youd never considered that dont require specialist knowledge. That gap between what you comfortably know, and what you are supposed to produce, is often closed by research, practice, and a proven system involving drafts and editing. Take the small leaps and become an expert when you stick the landing. Thats how you keep growing as a writer. Mistake 6: You dont think youre an expert. 7. You prefer to be safe above anything else. Theres nothing wrong with being safe. Preferring safety above all else, though, means youll grab any low-paying job that floats by. Its money. You need money. Not having money is scary. Its safe to take on anything that brings in money.  Youd never consider turning down a chance to earn money, youd never gamble that something bigger and better is out there, because that is most certainly unsafe. I cant make promises and say that if you refuse the jobs that are priced to low, refuse the almost-free jobs that promise some form of exposure, that the Big One will land in your lap. It might not. Thats why its called a gamble: you sometimes take a chance and turn down those safe choices and set yourself up for the larger opportunities. Youll never land the Big One if you dont plan for it, and that planning wont happen when youre juggling endless low-paying jobs. Mistake 7: You prefer to be safe more than anything. 8. Youre terrified of confrontation. Youd rather do anything–ANYTHING–than deal with confrontation. But you know what negotiation is? Confrontation. And you know what asking for a livable rate is? Confrontation. Youre confronting the clients sincere desire to save money with your sincere desire to make a living. The best thing to do to get over being afraid of confrontation is to confront. You dont have to be aggressive, but letting your freelancing work be ruled by a fear of confrontation turns you into a doormat. Oh, how tempting it is for a client to use that fear of confrontation to get you to write a few extra draft ideas or give us some options or throw in a few hundred more words at the last minute before you get paid. Not all confrontation is angry, but it should be about fairness towards you and the client. And yes, some confrontation might lead to the end of a client account. Accept it and move on. Mistake 8: Youre terrified of confrontation. Learning to say no to clients is terrifying, but will help you get your work-life balance back. 9. The word no has yet to enter your vocabulary. Saying the word no is the only way youll keep your sanity, your health, and your abilities. Saying yes to everyone and every project is definitely going to lead to writer burnout and resentment. No, you dont have to take every project. No, being desperate is not always a good reason. No, you dont have time for that project though that doesnt mean the project isnt worthwhile for someone else. And  yes, its OK to ask to get paid some or all up front. Mistake 9: You dont know how to say no. 10. Your only goal is paying rent. What kind of goal do you have with your writing? Is it merely to cover this months bills, or to pay off debt that controls your life? Hopefully, you have something larger in mind for your lifes work. While you may not want to write down a comprehensive business plan, it certainly helps you to write down what you want to see happen with your writing, and then give it a timeline. For example,  if you have considerable debt or financial obligations that are driving you to take any and all jobs out of desperation, it might not hurt to get a side job for a while. Put debt reduction on the timeline and plan it out so you have an end goal to look forward to as you move on to the next step. Your writing should have a bigger goal than keeping you out of the hangmans noose. Hopefully, you want to achieve something more from your writing, such as being a published author with a book, or having a blog with X amount of daily traffic that you can live off of. Until you are out of the grip of financial terror, you wont even consider such goals and you wont take any steps to choose clients that can help you reach those goals. Youll take whatever you can get before the next bill is due. Your writing deserves to be more than insurance from debtors prison. Mistake 10: Your only goal is paying rent. 11. You are embarrassed to talk about yourself. Humility is in short supply these days, unfortunately, but when it comes to finding work and promoting yourself to a potential client, you need to be able talk about yourself realistically. For some people, talking about themselves, and talking themselves up is natural. But for some artists and writers (myself included), talking about your abilities in even mildly positive terms is very challenging because it feels like bragging. When asked, you dont have to say I am the greatest writer ever! but you should be able to say I have the experience and I can write this for you. If you find yourself quickly getting used to self-promotion, a word of caution: Dont over-promise and find yourself in a mess later because you actually dont have the chops to deliver what you promised. Be honest about what your abilities are. This includes things like: How quickly you can work. How many projects you can manage at once. What topics you are able to write on. Whether you can work with other writers or designers on a project. Technological capabilities. Do you know how youd answer if asked any of these? If not, this is a good time to take stock of what you can do, and be ready to answer confidently. Be confident, not cocky, about yourself. Theres no shame in that. Mistake 11: You are embarrassed to talk about yourself. 12. You think pricing is the only reason clients come back. A low price might be the only reason clients come back if their sole goal is saving a buck. (Do you really want those clients?) You forget that amazing service, fantastic writing, and an overall slice of awesome will trump cheap every time for clients worth your time. When you know you have the skills and the ability to deliver a great product, you can confidently ask for higher rates. And, when you deliver, your clients will have no problem the next time they come back for additional writing services. Clients who come back because you have cheap prices are clients that are going to make your life miserable. They arent there because of what you can do, theyre there because of what they plan to do. Theyre bean counters and are going to wring every last free drop out of you that they can. There is a strange inverse connection between the amount a client pays and the noise level they make. Clients that are at the level where they understand legitimate pricing also are professional enough to not bother or micromanage you. They trust your skills, as a professional. Cheap is cheap.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Writing argument Vandana Shiva's the soil vs The Sensex Essay

Writing argument Vandana Shiva's the soil vs The Sensex - Essay Example heavily dependent on the agricultural goods and services of India and if the agricultural produce of India continues to decline then the food security of United States is under immense threat. These two issues are of immense concern because these issues affect our health and wellbeing in a negative manner. The issue of global warming can lead to food crises and malnutrition. Due to global warming some regions may experience decrease in rainfall and due to this various agricultural lands may not be able to attain enough rain to produce agricultural products such as grains and rice that are essential for the survival of human beings. Similar is that case with degradation of soil (, 2015). Degradation of soil can result in the decrease of agricultural products that are essential for the life for every human being in every community. Kristof states that global warming is causing changes in the weather and due to this various crop failures have been caused (Kristof, 2012). Shiva st ates that due to neglect of soil the soil is losing its fertility and this has led to decrease the production of important parts of diet including mangoes (Shiva, 2010). 2. In the essay titled as Soil vs. Sensex, the author Vandana Shiva has made a claim that the earth which is and which has always provided India and its citizens with the essentials of life is being ignored and more importance is being given to the industrial sector of India. The author does not make a general statement but uses proper reasoning along with evidence to prove the point the earth and the poor farmers along with the natural gifts are being neglected even though these elements are sacred to the people of India. She states that people and especially the rich in India is considering Sensex (stock exchange of Mumbai) to be more sacred than the earth. To prove her point that the earth is being neglected she states that 200,000 farmers have already committed suicide and their homes and livelihood are being